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Bomber Squadrons at War - Geoff D Copeman

This  book traces 57 Squadron from its beginnings during World War I, to its  links with 630 squadron during the bombing offensive during World War  II. The squadron remained active right through to the Falklands conflict  in 1982.

An excellent book, I couldn't recommend it highly enough. Whether  you have a general interest in the RAF and it's wartime operations or  a specific interest in 630 and 57 squadrons, this book is for you!


SILKSHEEN  - The History of East Kirkby Airfield - Geoff D Copeman

As the title suggests - this book is a history of East Kirby Airfield.  Written by Geoff Copeman who served with 57 squadron at the airfield.  This is both an excellent reference book and a very interesting read.  Packed with photographs, the book describes the development of East Kirby,  the wartime operations it and it's crews were involved in and the airfield's  subsequent history.


Tail-End Charlies - The Last Battles of the Bomber War - John Nichol  & Tony Rennell

This  is a detailed and moving account of the parts played by both RAF and USAF bomber crews in the years 1944-1945. Nichol and Rennell do not shirk from the task of attempting to right a historical wrong - the much overlooked contribution of the men of bomber command to the war.

Another highly recommended book, which contains some very interesting  insights into the bomber war.


RAF Bomber Command Losses of the second World War (various volumes) - W. R. Chorley

These books are an invaluable source of information. There are  various volumes covering the period 1939 right through to 1945. The  books are a complete reference on Bomber command Losses. They are laid out  as reference books, giving concise details of all aircraft losses over the defined period of each volume. The sheer numbers of losses bring home the sacrifice of those involved. These books have been (and continue to  be) an invaluable aid to me in setting up this site!


Lancaster Squadrons 1944-1945 - Jon Lake

This is the second of two volumes on the British bomber icon of  World War II, this title details Bomber Command's massive nocturnal bombing campaign, its support for the D-Day landings, Tallboy raids against the U-boat pens in France and the battleship Tirpitz in Norway and the final daylight missions of 1945. An excellent source of  information, with some very good photographs. Highly recommended.


Avro Lancaster: The Definitive Record - Harry Holmes

A rich source of information and photographs with additional details added from the 1st edition such as linking Lancaster Ids to production serial numbers. This book covers everything from the Lancaster's History, through to nicknames, awards, units and even down to the Lancaster’s assembly components.












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